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Jack Covers For Hi-Lift Jacks

The ORIGINAL UV Stable Marine Grade Jack Cover for Hi-Lift Jacks!

IMPORTANT: Make sure you select the size cover that will work with your mounting setup. Our 15" cover does NOT work with all mounting solutions. We have provided a lot of details below including a video, photos and detailed descriptions.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Black Lightning
Radiant Red
Grey Charcoal
Blue Racer
Pretty Pink
Orange Crusher
  • A must have accessory! Our patented Jack Covers are built with uncompromising durability for years of protection and are designed to stand up to even the most demanding and rugged environments. Our STEP 22 Jack Covers will last even after thousands of days of UV exposure.

    We have years of experience with our overland and 4x4 rigs and our jack has saved us more times that we can count. So we developed a Jack Cover designed for any and all conditions and for year round use. We custom engineered 7 layers of material performance to make you a jack cover that lasts for years. Our outer layer is marine grade vinyl with built-in UV resistance. In the middle we placed durable foam for a cushioned, contoured fit. On the inside we added a layer of interlocked fabric to eliminate wear points against your jack. In between them all we put multiple layers of adhesive bonds to make sure it all holds together.

    Are you tired of your neoprene jack cover fading and falling apart? Are you tired of your jack cover wearing out with holes, and the seams coming apart? Other jack covers on the market are designed to fail, so you get stuck buying the same product over and over again. We got tired of spending our hard-earned money to replace inferior covers on our jacks. Our Jack Covers help keep your jack lubricated and rust free, as well as free of dirt and grime, so when you need to use your jack it will actually work. We all know how dangerous a Hi-Lift jack can be. A dirty, dry, rusted, and non-lubricated jack is more dangerous.... even deadly. Don't get caught in the middle of nowhere with a dry and rusty jack that doesn't work. STEP 22 never compromises on making the most rugged overland gear and we are proud to produce the highest quality protective Jack Covers available anywhere. Scroll down for more info and to learn how to select the right size cover for your jack.

This product is manufactured by STEP 22 Gear in our shop in California using only the finest materials available and should not be confused with the Hi-Lift® brand imported low quality knock-off that is made to look like ours.

Learn more about our two size options in this video

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