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Skottle Shell Carry Bag

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Black Vinyl

Made in the USA by STEP 22 Gear, this heavy duty purpose built bag set is perfect for storage, protection, and transportation of your Tembo Tusk Skottle kit. This dual layer bag fits your Skottle disk, burner, propane canister, all weather cover, and cooking lid. The separate leg bag slides into the back side of the Skottle Shell for easy one handed carry of your entire Skottle kit. You can leave the leg bag attached, or easily slide it out for use as a second piece. With a nearly full radius zipper the top flips all the way open clam-shell style. No need to slide your Skottle out from one side of the bag, just flip the lid and install your legs with the disk still in the bag. The full base of this bag has a 1/2" layer of padding for even more protection. The center section of the top is padded, to help protect your burner and cooking lid. The heavy duty plastic handle is easy to grab and makes for a solid carry. The inner ring of the bag is reinforced with heavy duty webbing, and our padded design insures that your Skottle disk rides on the webbing every time, no chance of slipping down and wearing on the seams!! With a swatch of loop sewn onto the front you can add your favorite patch to customize your Skottle Shell to your liking.

  • 100% Water proof Vinyl
  • Heavy duty dual layer construction
  • Unique design with custom fit for the Tembo Tusk Skottle kit
  • YKK Zippers
  • Easy one handed carry for your entire Skottle Kit!

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