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4 Foot Anchor Strap MBS 88,600 LBS

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  • Think of this 2-ply, 3-inch wide, 4-foot-long Anchor Strap as a versatile recovery tool. It is designed to aid in a number of recovery/repair situations. Made from polyester it will not stretch under load like nylon recovery straps. It is perfect for wrapping around roll bars, frames, axles, rock sliders, etc. It is a mini tree saver or anchor strap. It can be used when a vehicle does not have proper recovery points, when a vehicle is stuck in an awkward position and traditional recovery points are not ideal, and also as an aid in field repair to apply force to bent tie rods, etc. We added a fully sewn protective sleeve along the entire length of this strap since it will be wrapped around a number of points on a vehicle or other objects. Underneath the protective wrap, we have even gone one step further and used our heavy duty reinforced edges on the entire length of the strap as well to ensure this is a work horse that will last a long time. At 4 feet long, it is the perfect length for a nearly endless number of unique uses, and at 2.5 pounds it is small and easy to store. When used in a basket configuration (its most intended design) this strap has a MBS of 88,600 LBS and a WLL of 17,720 LBS. It can also be used for straight pulls as a winch extension where it would have a MBS of 44,300 LBS and WLL of 8,860 LBS.

    Because there are so many terms in circulation that are often misused or misunderstood, STEP 22 clearly labels all of our recovery gear with easy to understand information including material, intended use, ratings/sizes with conversions, etc.

    When the safety of you and your rig are on the line don't settle for inferior recovery gear! STEP 22 Gear manufactures the highest quality recovery ropes and straps available on the market, right here in Southern California.

    Not sure about MBS vs WLL, or what ratings your gear should have based on your rig? Check out our Recovery Gear Blog by clicking here, and let us know if you have any questions.

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