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Recovery Strap 2 Inch MBS 32,000 LBS

  • MADE IN THE USA! This 2-ply, 2-inch, Vehicle Recovery Strap is the perfect tool for recovering stuck vehicles. This strap is made from 100% nylon which means it will stretch under load. Do not confuse it with Tow Straps or Winch Extensions that are made of Polyester and do not stretch. Nylon recovery straps are also sometimes referred to as snatch straps, yank straps, or kinetic energy recovery strap (KERS). When connecting 2 vehicles to each other with a strap (no winch) for recovery, this is the type of strap you should use. The nylon construction creates kinetic energy when under load which helps with the safe recovery of the stuck vehicle. The stretch in this type of strap also significantly reduces the chance for damage to vehicles during the recovery process.

    Includes one of our MilSpec Strap Wraps

    Because there are so many terms in circulation that are often misused or misunderstood, STEP 22 clearly labels all of our recovery gear with easy to understand information including material, intended use, ratings/sizes with conversions, etc.

    When the safety of you and your rig are on the line don't settle for inferior recovery gear! STEP 22 Gear manufactures the highest quality recovery ropes and straps available on the market, right here in Southern California. THIS STRAP IS SUITED FOR RECOVERY OF POPULAR LIGHT AND AVERAGE WEIGHT OFF-ROAD AND OVERLAND VEHICLES. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH MBS/WLL AND THE TRAIL WEIGHT OF YOUR VEHICLE PLEASE CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL OR CONTACT US WITH QUESTIONS.

    ***Due to liability, this product may not be returned