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Fire Extinguisher Mount Padded Roll Bars

Don't settle for cheap Chinese junki-built fire extinguisher mounts.  This high quality STEP 22 mount uses heavy duty UV stable webbing and all metal hardware.  Lower quality products in the market use plastic hardware and inferior materials that fail after only a short period of time.  You cannot afford to have your fire extinguisher flopping around when you hit the trails.  Designed to hold a 2.5 or 3 pound fire extinguisher, this mount is a great tool to help keep you and your rig safe!   This mount is adjustable and works best on larger padded style roll bars such as the Jeep JK and similar (roll bars that are roughly the same diameter as the extinguisher).  If you have a smaller diameter non padded roll bar then we recommend using our Roll Bar Fire Extinguisher Sleeve Mounts, click here to view.   STEP 22 Gear recommends HalGuard H3R Performance Clean Agent 2.5 lb Fire Extinguisher

INSTALL NOTE:  The piece of material between the roll bar and fire extinguisher should remain straight/flat after install.  To achieve this, attach the mount to the roll bar LOOSELY then install the extinguisher LOOSELY.  Go back and forth between the straps tightening each a little more each round until VERY snug around both.  You do not want to center material wrapped around either the roll bar or extinguisher.

  • Heavy Duty Solid Construction
  • Designed for 2.3 or 3 lb extinguishers
  • METAL Hardware
  • STEP 22 Recommends H3R Performance Clean Agent 2.5 lb Extinguishers
  • Made in the USA