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Kinetic Recovery Rope | 12 Strand Nylon

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Our 12 Strand Recovery Ropes are a great options for kinetic energy recovery.   Featuring polyurethane coated nylon fibers, this rope allows for easy visual and tactile inspections and cleaning.  One advantage of this rope over traditional recovery web straps is that is allows for a softer pull and less jarring action on the vehicles it is attached to.   This rope will stretch 9% (at WLL with design factor of 5:1).  Do not be fooled by tricky marketing scams of other companies claiming 30% stretch in their similar ropes.  The 30% stretch number is for MBS (break strength), and you should never work your recovery ropes to break strength.   STEP 22 Recovery Gear is made in the USA, properly tested, rated, and labeled, and free from marketing gimmicks and scams.  

Includes a free bag or set of our MilSpec Strap Wraps with purchase (while they last, free item determined by rope size)

  • 7/8" Rope - MBS 26,200 LBS | WLL 6,550 LBS - Perfect for Jeeps, Tacomas, 4Runners, light duty full size trucks, etc (even when modified or overweight).
  • 1-1/8" Rope - MBS 39,400 LBS | WLL 9,850 LBS - Perfect for heavy duty full size trucks, 3/4 Ton, 1 Ton, etc (even when modified or overweight).
  • Lock Stitch Splices on Both Ends
  • Protective Cordura Eye Sleeves

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