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Paracord Headrest Grab Handles

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Our universal Para-cord Headrest Grab Handles are great for your JK, JKU, 4 Runner, Tacoma, Buggy, UFO or ANY other vehicle with removable headrests!!! These are also a great addition to your rig if you have our Universal Para-cord Roll Bar Handles or our Jeep JK Rear Sound Bar Handles as we offer the same para-cord colors and patterns.  Great for help with getting in/out of your back seats, moving around when your rig is packed, or for the kids grab on to when things get crazy on the trail!!   Our Para-cord Grab Handles are the best you can buy.... GUARANTEED!  100% U.S. made 550 Para-cord. These are built to last!  These are designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest standards possible. 

Our Para-cord Grab Handles provide the user with a soft grip. This handle does have a soft feel and some give to it. If you are looking for something with stiffer/solid feel, then check out our Rubber Headrest Grab Handles.

  • Set of 2
  • Made in the USA
  • Helps with getting in/out of your rig
  • Works on all vehicle with removable headrests
  • Must have for any off road activity
Black / Pink