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Base Plate Lock Pin For Hi-Lift Jacks

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This base plate locking pin replaces the cotter pin on your Hi-Lift jack that holds the steel bar into the base plate. The X-TREME jacks come with this style locking pin, but all other models come with only a cotter pin that can fall out and cause you to lose your base plate. In a worst case scenario the base plate can fly off while you are driving, which can make for a bad day for the rigs behind you!

Using a locking pin allows you to easily remove your base plate and store it in a secure location (recovery bag/box). Aside from being safer, removing the base plate during transit also eliminates base plate rattle. For all steel jacks this is an easy swap out. NOTE: The stamped base plates of the cast and steel version jacks (black jack bases) sometimes have the holes a bit off centered and in some cases they might need minor drilling to the base plate pin holes.

  • Zinc plated for high corrosion resistance
  • Rounded retainer with Easy-Release Tab
  • Easy swap out for the factory cotter pin
  • Allows for easy removal of the base plate for safe storage during transit