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    Lewis and Clark Patch

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    So you think you are Overland style.... Overlanders..... Overlanding!!?? Think again!!! These 2 have us all beat when it comes to the Overland game!! With there being about 1,638,284 "Overland" companies some love for the true OG Overlanders! These guys were hitting the trails before any of the toys that we use today were even imaginable. This is a great patch honoring the Discovery Expedition of Lewis and Clark that brought so many changes to communication, discovery, trade, and so much more!

    This woven patch has great detail and measures 3.5" wide by 4" tall and has hook backing.  Learn more about Lewis and Clark by clicking here.

    • Designed in conjunction with, and concept by, Joel Moranton
    • This is a woven patch that measures just over 4" tall
    • High quality woven patch with hook backing

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