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    Chameleon MOLLE Load Straps

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    Use these MOLLE load straps to secure larger items in the upper deck of your Chameleon. This set of two adjustable straps can be used with or without a REEF™ panel. If you store large or bulky items in the upper half of your Chameleon, those items can easily fall out if they are not secured. Attaching the straps to your Chameleon is easy; just use the included snapping turtle hardware to secure the straps to the MOLLE webbing on the side walls. The adjustable side release buckles make for easy loading and unloading, as well as adjustment of length to make sure your gear is held tight.     

    • Total overall length 15" (38cm)
    • Includes: QTY 2 Chameleon MOLLE Load Straps
    • NOTE: Do not overtighten. The straps should only be snug and should not cause your Chameleon to deform due to overtightening.