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    Skottle Steam Lid For Tembo Tusk Skottle

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    NOTE: S-Hooks are currently not available so all steam leads are shipping without the hanging hook.

    No Tembo Tusk Skottle kit is complete without a Steam Lid.  With a Steam Lid as part of your Skottle kit there really isn't much you aren't able to cook up! This lid is perfect for capturing that needed extra heat to cook so many items on your Skottle. When not in use hang it from your S-Hook (included with lid purchase) attached to the leg mounting bolt.

    The 14" steam lid is the most common in use today as this is the lid that Tembo Tusk, etc. commonly carry. We find this to be a little bit too small as the Skottle is 18" wide and this size makes it harder to cover a good amount of food and leaves some wasted space on the Skottle for keeping food warm.


    STEP 22 offers 15" and 18" versions. The 15" version covers a little more of the directly heated cooking area of your Skottle than the 14" version does. The 18" version covers the entire Skottle, allowing you to use the entire surface for grilling, steaming, or a combo of cooking and keeping already cooked food warm at once. See photos above for size options. If you are new to Skottle cooking, the surface has two "zones" one used for cooking and the second outer area is perfect for keeping food warm (the 18" versions keeps both zones covered at once). The 18" version is made from a little bit thicker material. If you are looking for heavy duty option, then the 18" cover is a great option!

    The standard plastic handles are known to break during transit or even during use. We solved that problem by creating a soft flexible handle that lays flat when not in use and will not break when it gets beat up in the back of your rig on the trails! You will also receive the original rigid handle that you can swap if you want.

    • Steam Lid and Collapsible Handle included
    • Stainless Steel
    • 2 size options - 15/18 inches
    • More coverage for cooking with a larger lid
    • 18" version covers the entire cooking and warming sections
    • Free S-Hook included for hanging when not in use
    • Collapsible Handle alone is available here
    • Don't forget a Steam Rack - Click Here